Race CourseEdit

Leg 01 (USA to Cape Verde)Edit

  • Los Angeles, CA, US. (Sunset Ranch) Starting Line
  • Fl Los Angeles, CA, US to Sal, Cape Verde.
  • Sal (Santa Maria Beach). Overnight rest
  • Fl Sal to Porto Novo.
  • Porto Novo (Santantao Art Resort).
  • Praia Grande. Rb
  • Isla Santa Luzia. Ps

In Sunset Beach, teams were given 18 tiles, each with a letter. Following a pattern described in the clue (2 words of 4 and 5 letters each), they would have to realise they are going to Cape Verde; if they placed the correct tiles in their stand, their next clue would fall and they would be able to drive to LAX to get the flight tickets.

The flights to Sal are two different combinations, one going through BOS and MXP, arriving 55 minutes later than the faster combination, which goes through EWR and LIS. Arrival times are 21.05 and 22.00.

Upon arrival in Sal, teams had to drive to Santa Maria and get to the beach, were the carnival was taking place. There, they had to use the remaining tiles to figure out their next destination, Porto Novo, and tell it to the dancer depicted in the picture provided. Only if they are right, they will receive tickets on one of three charter flights departing the following morning at 7.00, 7.20 or 7.40 AM.

In the Santantao Art Resort teams were given the instructions on how to prepare a Canja, a Cape Verdean local dish. They would then have to go to the nearby open-air market stalls and buy the ingredients. When they thought they had everything, they would have to carry the goods and head to the harbour where they had to take a watercraft and sail 5km to Praia Grande, where they would deliver the items. If they were right, they would receive their next clue.

In this leg's Roadblock, the chosen team member had to pay tribute to the most important sport in Cape Verde, and which gives hope to almost all the teenagers: Soccer. For that, they had to get into the Soccer Field and recreate (with three other locals) the two goals scored against Portugal in a match played in Estoril, last March, much to the surprise of the whole country, which gave them a victory 0-2. If the judge approves the moves made by the performer, the team will receive their next clue.

After the Roadblock, teams were instructed to take the watercraft and sail 3 more kilometers to the island of Santa Luzia, the Pitstop for this leg of the race.